Accidents, GardaĆ­ & Penalties

Assisting GardaĆ­
An Garda Síochána are responsible for enforcing road traffic law. This section covers the Garda signals and instructions you must obey.


What Not to do
The main factors that can affect your driving.


Correct Behaviour at Accident Scene
This section covers what you must do if you have been involved in an accident, whether with another vehicle, another user of the road and/or with an object along the road. It also outlines what to do if you come across an accident.


Penalty Points, Fixed Charges & Bans
The Penalty Point system, Fixed charges and getting banned from driving.


Relevant Irish Law covering Road Safety
The main factors that can affect your driving.


Penalty Points & Fixed Charge Offences
This section lists out each driving offence you can commit, along with the mandatory fine and penalty points associated with it.