Your licence & vehicle

Driving licences and vehicle categories

This section explains the legal requirements for acquiring a driving licence, and driving legally on Irish roads.

Medical requirements for driving

Certain medical conditions will require you to provide a medical report when applying for a driving licence, this section lists each of them.

Representative vehicles for Driving Test

Different vehicle types (e.g. Car, Motorcycle, 5 axle truck) have different licence requirements. This section explains each category of licence and what vehicle you will need to sit your test in to gain the correct licence.

Before you are a fully licenced driver

Information about how to get on the road as a learner permit holder.

The driving test

How to apply for your test, what to do on the day, and how to upgrade your licence once you've successfully passed your test.

Vehicle safety

It is illegal to drive an unsafe vehicle on public roads. This section explains the NCT, and each of the required safety checks for a vehicle.